Putney Methodist Church
Gwendolen Avenue, Putney, London, SW15 6SN

The focus of our Church activities week by week is worship on Sundays with our main service at 10.30am followed by coffee and a smaller more reflective service at 6.30pm shared with the Parish of Putney and St Margaret's Parish.

The Lord's Supper (Holy Communion or Eucharist) is celebrated on the first Sunday morning of every month and everyone is invited to take communion or receive a blessing if they wish. For a timetable of future services click here.

There is a Sunday morning Sunday School for children and young people and a creche for families with young children.

Visitors and newcomers are most welcome.

What happens at a service at Putney Methodist Church and will I feel strange or left out?

Every one is welcome at a Methodist service. Services tend to last about one hour and include hymns, prayers, bible readings and a sermon. The sermon is important and the preacher tries to relate the Christian message to every day life and the scriptures.

We are not a "charismatic" Church nor are we very ritualistic. We try to be welcoming, open and inclusive. We try to offer sensitive and accessible worship and stimulating, challenging and thought-provoking preaching.

The morning service is followed by coffee. The evening service at 6.30pm is quieter and more reflective and shared with the Anglican Parish of Putney and St Margaret's Parish, and is led jointly by Methodists and Anglicans.

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